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Swimming in the Mud

Swimming in the Mud
Swimming in the mud with a squish and a squash I wish I never had to wash Its on my face and up my nose Its even between my wiggling toes Sw...

October 2010, Pada: 4:45 PM

Heaven Smiled On Me Illustrations

I had a friend give me an awesome idea while illustrating this book. Mommies and childrens of different ethnic backgrounds not just the same...

October 2010, Pada: 2:16 PM

No Ordinary Girl

No Ordinary Girl
Her dreams they come in color like movie reels on a screen She remembers every moment of magic she has ever seen She is no ordinary girl Mos...

October 2010, Pada: 4:49 PM

Motivation for the day

1 If your ship doesn't come in swim out to it. 2 When the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways when it is not you will find a t...

October 2010, Pada: 4:10 PM

Wall Monsters and Shopping Carts

My five year old son Cam was kind enough to draw some lovely art all over his bedroom walls last night. He was drawing monsters; full size o...

October 2010, Pada: 8:58 AM

Not my child

The sheer brilliance of most people is completely undermined by blind trust in their own child who is not yet capable of wiping their own bu...

October 2010, Pada: 7:42 AM

Illustrating Dragons

Illustrating Dragons
I have been illustrating all day today! I am so stoked about how everything is all coming together. I was thinking; I should start writing ...

October 2010, Pada: 1:56 PM

Heaven Smiled On Me Story

So its Wednesday. I'm tired ready to go to sleep. I spent my whole evening illustrating for Heaven Smiled On Me. Its not going half bad....

October 2010, Pada: 9:49 PM

Purple Boogers

Purple Boogers
I’m pretty talented at flicking I can launch them across the house One time I launched one into the closet, and it was stolen by a mouse I l...

October 2010, Pada: 9:41 PM

Coming Soon - Heaven Smiled On Me

Coming Soon - Heaven Smiled On Me
Watch for the release of the children’s book and CD version of ‘Heaven Smiled On Me’ by children’s author Kim Cormack. Expected release dat...

October 2010, Pada: 4:57 PM
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